Ciao I am Gaetano, known as Tano with friends, and with my friend Marco, we are the cooking class chef and we will guide you in this new adventure.
In a few lines, I will try to tell you a little about myself: my history, my passion and how we got here.

Cooking Course in Amalfi Coast

How it all began

My love for cooking bursts a bit by chance, like all the great loves. I approached the stove the first time, at the age of 16 years, as a cook assistant in a restaurant in Ravello looking for experience and with the desire to join in new worlds. After a few days, thanks to the help of the chef and all the restaurant staff, what was a small attraction becomes love.

Step by step

After 5 years of training in a fermenting environment full of ideas, I decided to move to London to combine my culinary know-how with the study of the English language.
Gradually I entered the London working environment collaborating with prestigious restaurants where I deepened my knowledge and learned new techniques.

The idea

2018 was a year a bit ‘special both personally and professionally:
I decided to leave, reluctantly, the restaurant where I trained to make a new experience in Michelin starred restaurant. Experience that has helped me to know the standards of high-class restaurants impeccable service, long tastings and excellent wines.

In addition, working in Switzerland in luxury environments based on modern cuisine, I changed my approach to the gastronomic world. It was then that, together with Marco, my trusted friend and colleague, we had the idea of cooking class.

Cooking lesson in Amalfi


We decided to take a step back, to go back to the origins, to the traditions, to return to the “Sunday Kitchen”, integrating all the knowledge learned in our path.
There are sensations that make the kitchen a unique convivial moment: making pasta by hand with the grandmother, preparing the marmalade with our own fruit, the grape harvest, eating together, maybe admiring the Amalfi Coast.

Cooking Course Location


In our cooking course we want to convey all the values we are proud of, recreating, in our small way, the emotions that complement the dish with added value and that make the culinary experience a moment of genuine happiness and carefreeness.

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Discover the local cuisine and live an unique Italian experience!

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cooking class

Da Marco e Tano

on the Amalfi Coast

To add a touch of fun and authenticity to your stay on the Amalfi Coast, two young chefs, Marco and Tano, offer you to join their exclusive cooking lessons in our Villa.
The course is journey towards the typical flavors of our land, with pizza, pasta, limoncello and much more, all prepared following the advice of the chefs and ready to be tasted on our terrace overlooking Ravello and the sea of ​​the Amalfi Coast.

Cooking Class Amalfi Coast
Cooking Course Ravello