Olive Harvesting

Scala, Amalfi coast

Olive Harvesting at Villa San Lorenzo

Evocative landscapes that inspired the greatest artists, historical culture and natural beauty… these are just some of the aspects that the Amalfi Coast offers its visitors.

Its territory stretches from the Lattari Mountains to the crystalline waters of its sea.

A corner of paradise that welcomes and gives unique emotions to those who come to this land. The Amalfi Coast is also fascinating for its traditions and local cuisine, authentic and genuine flavours.

Punctuated by large lemon groves, it is also a land rich in olive groves that extend on terraces with a splendid view of the sea.

At Villa San Lorenzo, the terraces are home to around 200 olive trees and Albino, Marco, Gaetano and Mr Rodolfo look after them.

The right time to harvest the olives varies from area to area depending on the weather conditions, the sun exposure of the olive grove, the variety of olives and the purpose of the harvest.

On the Amalfi Coast, it is during the autumn season that local families gather for the olive harvest. All the procedures are handed down from generation to generation and the techniques are renewed, the love for their land and the gratitude for its fruits makes this tradition alive also in the young people.

Harvesting is done manually: after carefully placing the nets on the ground, the pruning of the plants begins. The youngest branches, rich in olives, are cut in an umbrella shape. The part of the olives remaining on the older branches is subjected to a shaking process that favours their descent onto the previously positioned nets. Thus begins the harvesting phase. The olives are manually separated from the branches and cleaned of pruning residues and foliage. Placed in crates, they are transported to the oil mill the same day, where they are further cleaned, washed and pressed using a mechanised process. At the end of this process the precious oil is obtained.

Before it can be used, it must wait for a period of refinement in steel silos carefully kept in the Villa San Lorenzo cellars. 

The oil obtained, which is totally natural and has a low acidity index, is indispensable in most of the typical recipes of Italian and Mediterranean cuisine.

To fully appreciate its characteristics, even a simple bruschetta is sufficient. Its addition makes everything tastier and more satisfying.

During our cooking classes it is a key element present in the preparation of all courses, giving a touch of authentic and genuine flavour, in which there is heart passion and territory.

We just have to invite you to try it at the “Marco and Tano Cooking Class!”